Action Needed! - 01/15/2005

Fishing friends/pogy lovers. We're getting a lot of interest in the "Save Our Pogies" effort however it is imperative everyone understand the only power we have politically is in the large numbers of us who are concerned with this issue. The politicians only listen to "noisey wheels" so we must make noise. This initially needs to be done by sending out the letters and emailing the officials indicated on the attachment. First on the list is trying to keep Rep Bonner Stiller on the Seafood and Agriculture Committee. This decision is being made NOW and therefore we must get our letters/emails out ASAP. If we don't take action our effort will go nowhere. For everyone to simply say they fully support clotrimazol al 1 creme preis the effort is appreciated but action is what is required or we are all wasting our time. Please take a minute and get the letters sent today.  Here is a list of contact information for the politicians I have listed in the previous post.  See the example letters and change if you desire.  Thank you for your help.

Individual example letters to go to Speaker of the House, Jim Black and Speaker of the House, Richard Morgan, and to Senator Charles Albertson and to Representative Bill Culpepper


Dear ......, 

Please accept this letter as a request to continue Representative Bonner Stiller on the Seafood and Agriculture Committee. I believe he is doing an excellent job in this position and his continued representation is very important to the North Carolina coastal area.


Thank you.

Name, address, and coastal address


Jim Black


Phone: 919-733-3451

Address: 2304 Legislative Building, Raleigh, NC 27601-1096


Representative (Chairman of Rules Committee)

Bill Culpepper


Phone: 919-715-3028

Address: 404 Legislative Office Building, Raleigh, NC 27603-5925



Richard Morgan


Phone: 919-715-3010

Address: 301 Legislative Office Building, Raleigh, NC 27603-5925



Charles Albertson (Chairman of Seafood and Agriculture Committee)


Phone: (919) 733-5705

Address: 525 Legislative Office Building, Raleigh, NC 27603-5925


Example letter to go to Senator Marc Basnight


Dear Senator Basnight:


As an avid saltwater sports fisherman I want you to know your support of the Saltwater Fishing License is greatly appreciated. Monies generated by the license will be very important to protecting, enhancing, and growing angling opportunities for the future. Your commitment to this effort is noted and you can count on me for support of your continued efforts with this issue.


On a separate matter I would like to make you aware of an effort being generated by sport fishing interest to ban commercial menhaden netting within State waters. It’s my understanding you were able to pass a bill to accomplish this in your home waters. Throughout the rest of the coast there is great concern to protect this fish, which is the primary food source for virtually every fish in our waters as well as pelicans and dolphin [porpoise]. During spring, summer, and fall months when the migration of fish such as King Mackerel, Cobia, Tarpon, Flounder, Trout is occurring in our waters, the effect of the commercial net boats causes immediate devastation to the food source for these fish. In that the schools of menhaden [pogies] are concentrated close to the beaches, the net boats can virtually wipe out these schools in a matter of days. The result is the predator fish, birds, and mammals that depend upon the menhaden as a food source are left without this important source of their existence.


Of additional concern is impending changes coming to the Chesapeake Bay menhaden fishery as a result of concerns of over fishing in the Bay and it’s effect on the Stripped Bass recovery plan. In all likelihood restrictions will soon be placed on the amount of menhaden taken from the Chesapeake Bay and the result is the commercial netting operations of Omega Proteins Corporation will relocate to our North Carolina waters thus putting menhaden under much greater pressure. I believe it prudent and imperative for North Carolina to be ahead of the curve and take steps now to protect our State waters from devastation of the food source for our game fish.


Your help and support in this effort will be greatly appreciated.


Name, address, coastal address


Marc Basnight


Phone: (919) 733-6854

Address: 2007 Legislative Building, Raleigh, NC 27601-2808


This letter to your State Representative and  State Senators




I would like to inform you of an issue that is very important to me that I hope you will help support. As an avid sport fisherman, the lifeblood of game fish along our coast is a fish called a menhaden [also known as a pogy]. Virtually every fish that swims eats these baitfish as well as pelicans and porpoises. The fish are found in large schools of thousands of fish, generally right along the beaches within State controlled waters [3 miles]. The spring, summer, and fall months are the primary times when various game fish [King Mackerel, Cobia, Trout, Flounder, Tarpon] are migrating through our coastal waters and large commercial net boats are targeting the menhaden. Their “purse” seines have the capability to encircle large schools of these bait fish and in a matter of days can virtually wipe out the entire population along the entire coastal area. The result is the game fish, bird, and porpoises that depend upon these bait fish for their food source are deprived of their food source thus causing them to leave our waters in search of food sources in other areas. This has a negative impact on the multi million-dollar sport fishery that exists along our coast and therefore has long ranging effect on many aspects of our State’s economy.


My request of you is to provide your support to the effort being established to “Save Our Pogies” [saveourpogies.com]. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Name, address


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