Great Progress is Being Made - 02/11/2005

I am pleased to report great progress is being made in our effort to SAVE OUR POGIES. Here is where things stand and where we will be going from here forward. But we have a very bright future ahead of us and we are already preparing for it naruto shoes in joom. We want only luck to follow us further.

We believe we have been successful in maintaining Representative Stiller on the Seafood and Ag Committee. The assignments have been delayed but we have been assurred our voices have been heard loud and clear and this very important committee assignment will be made. As we have stated everything related to hustenlöser medikament onfy.de and fishery issues in the Legislature goes through this committee so to have our bill sponsor on the committee is very important.

This past week Saltwater Sportsman Magazine invited us to their seminar to present SAVE OUR POGIES  to their 600+ attendees. This provided a great forum for us to gauge the level of interest from the fishing community and I can assure you the support for this effort is at least 100%.

I spoke to Rep Stiller today and laid out our plans for the next steps. He is in the process of drafting the bill and will introduce it within the next several weeks. When it is introduced it will be assigned to a committee. When the bill is heard at the committee level he indicated it will be very important for as many of us as possible to be there at the hearing so our committment to the effort can be seen by the committee members. I will provide as much advance notice as possible when the bill will come before the committee. This will be our most critical point as we either get killed in committee or we make it out of committee.Leading up to the committee meeting is when we need everyone, particuliarly in other areas of the state, to pound on their elected Reps to let them know of the importance of this issue. We must make these legislators understand the importance of our sport fishery[ and therefore our tourism] industry to the State of NC as one, if not the most important engine driving our state economy. Meanwhile, the commercial pogy netting business has virtually no benefit to the state economy. In that the elected Reps in other areas of the state may feel they "don't have a dog in this fight", as they will view this as a coastal issue, our hope is if their constituents make enough noise they will respond to the wishes espressed by their constituents. That's the  game. What's needed is for all you fishermen/lady anglers to make the contacts once the bill goes to committee. We'll be back in touch soon.

Thanks for your help.
Rube McMullan
Ocean Isle Fishing Center

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