We need your help - 02/17/2005

The bill to SAVE OUR POGIES will be introduced into the Legislature in a couple of weeks. We have stated the key to success in our effort will be to have strong local support, which we have established, and then create support statewide through relationships you fishermen have with your Reps/Senators in your home areas. In terms of affecting the Legislative process, direct contact with a Rep/Senator you personally know is the most powerful form of influence that we have. Therefore, we need to find out who of you have good relationships with various Reps/Senators around the state so that after the bill is introduced we can have a means of having direct contact with these elected officials. 

If you have such a relationship with any of the Reps/Senators, please send me a email direct so I can see what opportunities we have on this avenue of our effort.

Thanks for your help.
Rube McMullan
Ocean Isle Fishing Center

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