Email your State Representatives and Senators- EAS - 03/13/2005

Thanks to the work of Brandon Sauls and Amber Strickland of Intercoastal Net Designs, the Save Our Pogies web page has made getting you information on what's going on very easy.  AND THE NEWEST addition is the automatic email you can send to your local State Representative and Senator.  If you'll look to the menu bar on the left, you'll see the "email your State Representative" and "email your Senator" links.  Simply click on the link- then you'll see a long list of your representatives broken down in alphabetical order by the county in which they represent.  Go down the list and find your county, then click on the corresponding Representative/Senator.  Then scroll down the page and enter your name, address and email and hit SUBMIT--   WHAMMM!  The letter has been premade ( you will be able to view its contents ) and is sent directly to the Rep/Senator from you. 
IMPORTANT-- be sure to email the Rep/Senator that represents your home county, not just your "beach home" county.  The key to our success will be in getting support from inland county Reps and Senators. 
Thanks, Capt. Brant

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