Key to Success - 03/22/2005

As we wait for Rep. Stiller to introduce our bill, there is one important thing that you fishermen can be doing. 
A huge key to this deal working is to get the support of inland Reps. who know little/nothing of Pogies except what they hear from you.  Thus, if a Rep. for Mecklenburg county has his constituents calling, writing.... he should feel obligated to follow the requests of constituents.  The Reps. along the coast are likely familiar with the topic and will know how they are going to vote, but its the inland vote that will make or break the deal.
In addition, there's no question that the numbers are in our favor.  There are many more fishermen who stand to benefit from restricitions on Pogy netting than to allow them to continue.  However, most fishermen don't even know the issue exists and how it affects them.  Thus, I also suggest you contact here your local newspaper and either write them an editorial about the problem or refer them to Capt. Brant or Rube to get details on what is transpiring.  (910) 575-3474.
Thanks for all the support and keep up the good word.  Strong advocates is what we need, so please get out there and beat the bushes.

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