Meeting date changed - 04/28/2005

Just got a call from Rep Stiller. Apparently Jerry Shields, lobbyist for Omega Proteins asked the Rules Committee Chairman to change the hearing date to May 10 and the Chairman agreed. Same time, same place. Please adjust your calenders to this new date and please make plans to come. Now that we have a little more time to work with hopefully more of you can attend the hearing.

Additionally, I had a call this morning from the President of the Charlotte Offshore Fishing Club. He called Rep McMahan who represents Mecklenburg County. The Rep said his was the first call he had received from a constituent on the issue and had planned to vote against the bill as he had not heard from any of his voters. Having received the call may help to change his vote. The point is apparently emails aren't working. We need to get everyone on the telephone making direct calls to the Reps on the commitee. Our entire plan is based upon these Reps listening to a paid lobbyist or listening to their voters. If they don't hear from you we have no power. This effort has been strictly a grass roots effort and as such we are totally dependent on you the voters to make your feelings known. Without direct contact from you we will not win this battle. Apparently by the effort being put forth by the commercial interest we must be close to victory. Everyone please take a little time and make the calls.We can win this battle but only with your help. Thanks. Rube McMullan

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