Tomorrow is the day! - 05/09/2005

Tomorrow is the day. Our hearing before the Envirnoment and Natural Resources Committee will be heard approx 1:00pm in Room 653 of the Legislative Office Building.

Our whole strategy has been to build a grass roots campaign based upon unamious support from our beach communities and then support from sports fishermen throughout the state. This is why we have pounded on you guys to make contact with your elected Reps as what we hope is these Reps will make the decision to listen to you voters verses listening to the lobbyist efforts of Omega Protein/Beaufort Fisheries. I have no idea what to expect from the Committee but I feel like everyone all across the state has done an excellent job in communicating your concerns and desires to the elected Reps.

At the hearing it is now important to bring a large crowd to demonstrate to the committee our committment to the effort. Please try to make it to the hearing. We need you there!. Thanks. Rube McMullan

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