Where we're at, where we go - 05/14/2005

Having had a couple days to reflect back on our SAVE OUR POGIES Legislative hearing my conclusion is our opponents are in big trouble now. Sure we got our butts beat, but if you look at how, it had nothing to do with the issue, only politics, and the power of the lobbyist. Our plan was to have unified support from our beach communities, chamber of commerce/ect and then go to a mass of voters all over the state and have them work on their own elected Reps. We hoped the power of the constituents would over power the lobbyist. We now have the answer and with the answer we can now better understand how we conduct the fight.
After the hearing I spoke to their primary lobbyist, Rufus Edminston[ex Secretary of State]. I congraulated him on his success in kicking our butts and he laughed and said "we'll, I been doing a little behind the scenes work". 

Why do I say they're in trouble now? If you look at our effort, for the most part we are business people. As such, it's not our nature to hang our head and bemoan the system; everythings against us; we don't have any chance/ect. Instead, as business people, probleming solving is what we do. What's been done for us is to identify the problem and now we can analyzie, strategize, and when we attack, do so with much greater knowledge than what we had in our effort. So my request of everyone is stand together, let's get a plan going, and we'll be back with a vengence. "A sleeping giant has been awakened".

Also spoke with Rep Stiller and he wanted to let everyone know how much he appreciated their support of the effort. He said the same thing as I said above; he ain't quitting, we're only getting started.

As soon as I get results of how committe voted we'll post here. Bonner did say Rep Gulley was only rep from Charlotte that voted with us and in Raleigh same problem. We would have thought those areas would have been our strongest.

Any rate, standby, we'll be back to work on this shortly.

Rube McMullan

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