Pogy update 8/16/04 - 08/16/2004

As previously mentioned on this page we expressed concern for the return of the commercial pogy net boats to our waters several weeks ago. Of additional[and potentially greater concern] is what's going on in the Chesepeake Bay Pogy netting wherein we expect there to be restrictions placed on the amount of pogies being netted there out of concern for the stripped bass recovery plan which has very strong politics behind it. The result of this is to potentially push the primary company in the business, Omega Proteins, a major national company, out of the Bay and in our direction. To have one boat working our pogies is quite a bit diferent than having this major corporation also here and with that in mind we felt it important to bring this issue back up.

This is a long story that has failed in the past, but the short version is we approached the Mayor of Ocean Isle and requested the Town send a letter to our State Representative[Bonner Stiller] requesting a bill be introduced into the legislature to ban commercial pogy netting from our beaches. I am pleased to report the Mayor and Council agreed to this and is sending the letter. This is the first step in this process and the Mayor and Council are to be commended for taking this leadership action[email address is divey@oibgov.com].

The next step is to request the other Brunswick County beach communities join in this effort with Ocean Isle thus presenting a unified front to the politicos. This has been done and we hope the other beaches will join in.

Next is to get the Rep to introduce the bill and obviously the last step is to get it passed. We'll be back to you on forming strategies for that effort but a this stage we're making progress due to Ocean Isle's willingness to lead the effort. In the meantime if you want to contact any of the members of legislature there is a link to them on this page. This will require a statewide effort to overcome opposition from the commercial interest so alot of work will be required by us all. Will be back asap.

Rube McMullan

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