Pogy update 8/21/04 - 08/21/2004

An update of where we are and where we need to go with pogy issue.

We have received many many emails from concerned fishermen regarding the pogy boats and it is very encouraging seeing the passion associated with this issue. That interest and committment will be very important as we move forward with the political process. Here is where things stand:

We needed to have a local municipality to make a formal request of our elected Representative to introduce a bill before Legislature to ban the commercial pogy boats from our beaches. That was accomplished by the Town of Ocean Isle Beach agreeing to take the lead and write the letter. Next we contacted the other beaches in Brunswick County and requested they join in with Ocean Isle in this effort. Holden Beach has agreed. I haven't heard back from Sunset or Long Beach. The objective in this stage is to show a unified interest from all the beach communities. The next step is to get our Rep to  agree to intoduce the bill. This is an election year and Bonner Stiller is up for re-election and will be faced by David Redwine[who Stiller defeated in the last election]. I have informed Bonner and David what we have started and what we are trying to accomplish. I have heard back from David indicating his support; have not heard back yet from Bonner. I anticipate both candidates supporting our effort. At that point it becomes a question as to which candidate can get it passed. I see this as a campaign issue and look forward to hearing from the candidates on that question.

Assuming the bill is introduced next session, that will be the point where all of us need to go to work. This is strictly a political issue and we must overcome the other side in order to succeed. I can tell you we are not inventing an action of this type. This has been done in other counties in NC[northern area] therefore this should not be considered an impossible task. What will be required is a state wide effort to offset what Beaufort Fisheries will try to do to prevent our effort. At the proper time we can discuss strategies of how to counter their efforts. In the meantime it is a good idea to be contacting your elected officials throughout the state to alert them this issue is coming and their support is needed.

Of additional interest: I have suggested to the Beaufort Fisheries people that in order to avoid this issue becoming a full red alert war that if they would cease to fish our waters during our King season there could possibly be a solution to the issue. In that they have again returned to our waters and are wiping out our pogies....I guess they gave us their answer to my compromise suggestion. ONWARD!

To the many emails we have received on this issue...thanks. I try to respond to them all but on occasion my limited computer skills lead me to push the wrong button or somehow else screw up. If you don't get a response my appologies however the exxpression of your interest is appreciated. My direct email is .

Capt Rube

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