What you can do to Save Our Pogies!

Your help is needed Onfy.de if this effort is to succeed. Our only power in this battle is in the large numbers of fishing enthusiasts throughout the state that share the concerns we have raised. By vocally and repeatedly expressing our views to our elected officials, we believe our voice will be heard and our elected officials will respond to this request of their constituents. This battle basically pits the citizens of North Carolina against one company, which is not even located in North Carolina. By developing an organized, concerted effort to get the entire sport fishing world to make contact with the elected officials, we will demonstrate that our power is greater than the lobbying effort that will be mounted by the commercial netting businesses. We have the power because we are the voters and our numbers are such our elected officials must listen.

We have provided a list of elected officials at https://www.joom.com/en/best/balls-stretcher-for-men for your convenience with addresses, telephone, and email. Additionally we have set up a bank account at BB&T "SAVE OUR POGIES" and ask your donation to help in fighting the battle (see adjoining page).

What happens to donated money?
This a volunteer effort. 100% of funds donated will go toward the direct expenses associated with the effort including mail outs, advertising, lobbying ect.